Step Parenting with Grace


About a month ago I happened upon the privilege and opportunity to review Step Parenting with Grace, by Gayla Grace, A Devotional for Blended Families. As I’m learning is a common thread with God and His impeccable timing, this fell into my lap at just the exact moment God knew that I needed it, and it has been a blessing beyond belief.

Devotion after devotion, Mrs. Grace uses real-life situations and offers sound advice, offering simple solutions, and backing them up with scripture. It has truly been a breath of fresh air to dive in to each dilemma and saturate myself with the notion that I am not alone in this battle to fight the stigma of the evil stepmom mentality. With each devotion and life event shared, she provides simple, yet profound advice that we as stepmoms fail to see on most days, as a lot of times we’re still trying to navigate our own roles in these murky waters. She sweetly reminds us that, “God’s power provides all we need. When we feel inadequate, His power offers peace. When our circumstances appear bleak, He offers hope. When our relationships feel out of balance, God’s power can bring harmony” (p. 64). Harmony? Is that what that sound is back there?! All this time I thought it was my three beautiful gifts from God bickering at the top of their lungs in the tiny, confined space that is our eleven-year-old G6.

You’ll get there. We’ll get there. As the author states “think of step parenting as a marathon not a sprint. ” Genius.

As a Christ follower, second wife, stepmom of two tween-age girls, and bio mom of a threenager, I am well aware that there is little literature out there to lean on or glean information from. And an even smaller amount of resources for the Christian stepmom to boot! Running across this down to earth and inspiring devotional has not fallen on deaf ears, and I vow to create habits within my family unit using many of her practical teachings.

Gayla Grace is a wife, mom, stepmom, and master’s prepared psychologist and counselor who has provided more than a decade of resources and encouragement to step families around the nation. She is the directer and cofounder of a nonprofit organization called Sisterhood of Stepmoms, which offers national retreats for stepmoms. (You might want to checkout her website here for her upcoming convention in Dallas this September!) Shes’s also authored close to one hundred other encouraging pieces for stepmoms and blended families that are reviewed in high esteem, and I recommend you give them a look-see! But don’t just read a small tid bit here and there, find something that is extremely practical, is an easy read, and a piece that can help guide your weary thoughts toward grace for your blended family. Let me recommend to you Step Parenting with Grace. A blended family devotional. You’ll be glad you picked it up.